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Mixing Consoles:       Soundcraft,Digital SI3 Expression 24/32/and 40 channel                                                  

                                Allen and Heath, GL280000, 40 x 16 channel


                                Behringer x16


Monitor Boards:        Soundcraft, Digital SI3 Expression 24/32/and 40 channel 

                                 Allen and Heath, GL280000, 40 x 16 channel



 Speakers:                  Line Arrays from: JBL, EAW,  

                                 EAW KF730 Line Array

                                 JBL VRX932La



                                   EAW SB 528 subs

                                   EAW LA460,

                                   FBT/PSR series 212, 

                                   JBL AS4722 600 watt bi-amp Monitors

                                   FBT/MAX 4a, Powered monitors

                                   Peavey  Q-Wave 218 Subs

                                   Peavey Q-Wave 215 600 watt Monitors


Amps:                         QSC PL 380, PLX 3602

                                     QSC RMX 5050, CX 404


Outboard Gear:            Ashly Protea E.Q,  DBX processors,  EQ's

                                    Presonus comp/gates, DBX comp./gates 

                                    T.C. electronic M-1, D-2, M-3000 

                                    Lexicon Reverb, Yamaha SPX 1000                                  

                                    Digitech RDS 4000 delay

                                    Ashley crossover, DBX crossover.


Wired Microphones:      AKG d112, Beta 52, Sennheiser 421,409,604, E845,511,

                                     Audix om5/om7, Sure SM98, SM 81, SM 57/58,

                                     CAD Equatek,E-100,  Audio Technica 4041, 3528, 

                                     Hanging Choir Mics

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Wireless Mics:               

                                      Senhieser E300  handheld/ E835

                                      JTS handheld

                                       AKG-WMS4000 Lavoliers

                                      Audio Technica AT 3000 Lavoliers

                                       Audio Technica AT 3000 wireless headsets-[like countryman]

                                       Countryman D.I.  Active

                                       D.I.  Passive


Snakes:                         40 x 8 x 250' with split

                                     32x8x200'  snake with 25' split

                                     24x4x200' snake

                                     32 channel splitter snake, FOH/Monitor

                                     24x8x150' snake

                                     8 channel press box/Mult box


Podium:                        1 desk top podium/ with condensor gooseneck microphone

Tent                            18' x 20'   10'x10'

Staging                        Sizes-  8' x 8',  12' x 12',  12' x 16', 24' x 32'     / 4", 12", 18, 24" high

Generator                   12,000 watt  100 amps@120 volts/50 amps@ 240 volts

                                   8000 watt    66 amps@120 volts / 33 amps@ 240 volt



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