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Thunder and Lighting
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Lighting Equipment   

Leprichaun Lighting Console'

                     LPX-24  24 channel Moving Light Console

                    Elation Razor Q7 moving lights are now available.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  NSI-  Controllers and Dimmers,  

                     ETC Express 24/48 

                     NSI MC 7008,  8/16 board

                     NSI  MC 1616 , 16 channel board

                     NSI MC7524    24/48 channel board

                We have 8, 16, 24, and 48 channel lighting boards available.

                   8]  PAR 46  300 watt

                 50] PAR 56 500 watt

                  20]  PAR 64  1000 watt

                  10]  8" Fresnel Stage light, 1000 Watt

                  12] Leko Source 4

                    2] 1000 watt Follow Spot with optional color gels

                   1] 575 watt Follow Spot

                   1] 750 watt follow spot

                    Smoke Machines

                    Strobe Lights

                   Police Beacons

                  18" Disco Ball

                  Martin DC-3 Oil Projection Light

                 45' x 12" Trianglular alluminum truss ( Applied)

                 45' x 14" Triangular Alluminum truss

                 6] 13' Crank Up stands

                 2] 16' Crank up stands        




|  Thunder and lighting live sound and lighting production.